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My sister asked me a whole lot of questions about my preaching style, how I prepare, and how much I look at my notes. So I got the idea of posting a sermon here online.

But before I let you start listening I need to make an announcement. Meredith (my wife) is pregnant and we are going to have a baby in May. I have been waiting to talk about the whole baby thing here online because I have a video tape of the ultrasound and I kept thinking I would actually post it up here, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. So this is my big baby announcement to the blogosphere.

Now, if you would like you can check out the sermon that I preached Sunday morning. It is called Shane’s Advice for Life (or all of the wisdom a 31 year old can muster) I get to rambling in parts, but that is just what happens when I preach. So if you are a regular reader and have been wondering what I sound like here is your chance. If you are a family member and haven’t heard me preach in a while you can check it out and see what you think.

Shane’s Advice (the file is sort of large so I would suggest right clicking and choosing save as)

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