Blogs Rule

Have you ever just spent a couple of hours rummaging around the net and looking at blogs and stuff? There is a whole lot of crazy stuff out on the net now. I remember when I first started I was one of the few people that I knew who had a web site, and now there are more people online than off it seems. On top of that there are blogs for everything. I really wish I had a couple of extra hours every day just to read blogs. I am fascinated by the daily life of complete strangers. It is voyeurism in its homogenized form. I get to see the thoughts of others, and they are happy for me to come by. It is real fun.

Tomorrow night is our next Friday Night Connection. I’m still not happy with the name, but Adnexum is apparently a term used commonly with the link between the ovary and the uterus or something in that area. If you just break down the word it means connecting or linking, but almost universally it is used in the female body way so we have moved on to FNC. It doesn’t have the same cool ring, but at least I’m not teaching anatomy with my worship gathering names.

This month is all about the Love. Be sure to check out the worship ideas section for the outline of this worship gathering. I have the stations written and if anyone wants them I will send out an email, if not I will get around to formatting them for the web after retreat.

It seems like everything these days is becoming after retreat.

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