That is a weird phrasing for what I am thinking, but that is the thought that has been running through my head. It is like I can’t stop thinking it. Blow it up! Is the mantra of my soul right now.

But I am scared because what that means to me is to shake up everything. It means to tear down what we are doing and rebuild into a ministry that makes sense and that is designed to meet people’s needs. It means reevaluating the way that we do evangelism, outreach, worship, Wednesday night lessons and about a million other things and thinking about how we can do things that matter, not just things that fill time.

I have this huge desire to change it all, but at the same time I have so little time even now to just maintain and keep things going. I have some big decisions to make, mostly about what people I am going to ask to come along side me and to take the reigns on many of the aspect of the new look of our youth ministry. And it scares me to no end, but I think that many of those people are going to need to be students.

I can’t keep telling these people that they are called to change the world and then not giving them the opportunity to do just that.

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