Book of Daniel

Alright, let me start by saying that my tape ran out before the end
of the second hour so something amazingly offensive could have happened
in that part of the show that I didn’t get to see and as such can’t
comment on it here.

I want to start by talking about something we
noticed around the show. Very few people advertised on it. The local
NBC affiliate ran a dozen or so PSA’s and there were adds galore for
NBC shows, but not much else. There was even a behind the scenes type
extended commercial for King Kong, but no Nike, no Budwizer, and not
even any “Best of Worship” CD’s–which seem like a no brainer.

I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time here recapping the show so I will just hit some bullet points of my thoughts:

  • The show didn’t offend me as a Christian
  • the show sort of offended me as a TV watcher–this was mainly
    because of the cardboard characters and blatant stereotypes. It seemed
    like they wanted to get every possible “problem” out into the middle of
    the show. It just isn’t very realistic. It actually felt a little like
    the craziness that happens on Desperate Housewives (at least what I
    have learned from those commercial).
  • Because of that I couldn’t help thinking of it as a soap opera some of the time.
  • I love showing a pastor who has real life problems. Pastors are
    real people and it is cool to see a pastor who has real struggles.
  • I’m not Episcopal, but I bet if I were I would be a little offended at how the church political system is portrayed.
  • Daniel is just a little too lax about premarital sex
  • Can I get back to the stereotyped characters. I mean a guy kid, a
    horny kid, and a drug dealing kid. Did they take every after school
    special and put them in a blender. While we are at it, the “banter”
    among the kids is brutal.
  • The stereotype of Mob-connected catholic priests may offend some.
    I am neither catholic, not in the mob so I didn’t have a problem with
  • The girlfriend’s mother has a problem with the guy not because he
    was sneaking into her room, but because he is Chinese? Please.
  • I have to say that I really liked the Jesus bits. I think it is a
    touchy subject, and no one is going to be right all of the time, but
    some of the encounters were spot on. I loved the image of Daniel
    laughing with Jesus.
  • When Daniel asks Jesus if he would cure his mother’s altimeter’s
    was a powerful scene and one I will use in ministry. There was also a
    good scene when Daniel asks if Jesus speaks to everyone and Jesus says
    he speaks, but few people listen that was cool.
  • The pastor’s name is Daniel Webster. That has to be a direct
    reference to the American classic by Stephen Vincent Bennet titled “The
    Devil and Daniel Webster” but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

In conclusion I didn’t really find anything to be offended about. It
seemed to raise more good questions than pass off bad theology. I
wouldn’t advise basing my life on the teachings of Daniel Webster, but
that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the way he handles his life. I
have to think it is a good thing for there to be a show on television
that actually deals with spiritual topics in a real way. This may be
over the top, but I think that The Book of Daniel is a truer account of the life of the average Christian than the average Christian would like to admit.

So did you get a chance to see it? What did you think? 


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