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I am really in a book reading mode right now, and I have a bunch of stuff from books that I could share, but I don’t know how much you guys want a book report. I just think it is funny that I haven’t read anything since like March and now I am suddenly “engaging” 4 or 5 books. I have a teen Christians fiction book for the bathroom, Billy Goat Hill (fiction) for the office, and I am listening to The Time Traveler’s Wife in the car. On top of those I am reading through a literary magazine (Tin House) and Thriving Youth Groups by Jeanne Mayo.

I guess that is the book that has been really grabbing me. It is all about “strategies” for growing youth ministry, and that is stuff that I usually ignore. But this books is about trying to help make your group a friendlier place and that has really been on my heart these last few months. We have lost some of the family atmosphere that made us such a great place to come and worship. Part of that is my fault, in all of the logistics of keeping things going I have forgotten just to interact with the students. Part of the problems are logistical an I think I have learned some stuff from Jeanne that will help.

Next month we are having our first “leadership” retreat. It is designed to be a place where we can sell the vision to key leaders (including adults). It will also be a roundtable of sorts. I am really excited about it, probably more than any other event we have had in a while. I will let you in on more as it comes up.

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