Brittany is Everywhere

I have made a decision not to watch any coverage of Brittany Spears. I feel terrible about the horde of people and cameras that seem to surround her any time she steps outside. Here is a young woman who is going through some hard times (after a lifetime of growing up in the public eye) and the last thing she needs are a bunch of people hounding her. So I decided that it was hypocritical to say that I think those cameras are terrible and then watch what they capture.

But do you know how hard it is to not watch it. I find myself turning the channel more often than my grandmother trying to avoid cuss words. The girl is everywhere.

But while we are on the subject…

I think that we should leave all celebrities alone. Just because someone chooses to be a TV actor doesn’t give us the right to publish pictures of them at the beach. Just because someone wants to be in a movie, or if someone just wants to be famous that doesn’t mean that they forfeit the right to be famous on their own terms. I mean do we honestly need to know about Brangelina?

That is my rant for the day. You may now go back to your lives. 

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