Broken Day

You know you had a bad day when breaking your key off in the ignition of your car is only one of the things that went wrong. Granted that will be the one that costs the most money, but it wasn’t the one that put me behind the most.

Today was insane. I got an idea on Monday for a prayer journal for my students. It isn’t like any other prayer journal. It includes things to draw, things to tape into the journal, things to do, etc. I called it Creative Prayers. It is sort of a primer on how to record your prayer time with God. It also introduces the idea that prayer is about more than requests.

 Anyway, I had this idea for this journal on Monday and I started writing to see if I could get it finished in time. At the end of Monday I was fairly confident that I could finish the whole thing before tonight. As it turns out I was right, but just barely.

That is when all of the fun starts. To give you a little history, both of our cars have been in the shop for new starters this week. So yesterday I am heading to Columbus to get some covers and binding combs for the journals when our Maxima just suddenly quits. (the new starter freaked out and burned itself up) So Nathan and I are stranded on the side of the road. Luckily we weren’t  out of town yet, but I wasn’t able to get the stuff I wanted.

But I did get to stay home where I worked on the journals. I hit a wall with what to write about the time that Nathan woke up early from his nap. I got back to it in the evening last night and finally got it written and formatted around 1. The old Shane would have just gone up to the church and printed it last night, but the new Shane was tired. (Big mistake)

So this morning I print it out and look at it just to make sure everything was OK and it really wasn’t OK. There were tons of typos and several things just out and out wrong so I spent my morning fixing that and starting with the printing.

I also had to scrounge around for binding things (I eventually borrowed some from Meredith’s church)

But really this diatribe about my day has gone on long enough. I am going to give the rest in bullet points

  • Copier ran out of black toner (I still had 20 sets of journals to make so I had to finish them our old copier)
  • Broke the key off in the ignition of our Saturn
  • Couldn’t find any of our art supplies so had to go to Wal-Mart (where I bought 20 boxes of crayons for 4 bucks. I love back to school time)
  • Went home to pick up something and walked off with the keys to the car we borrowed
  • Had to take those keys back to Meredith
  • My drummer called in sick so I had to change the set to something acoustic (which worked GREAT by the way)
  • Realized that I had forgotten to print my notes for tonight, but of course the printer was out of toner. 

It seemed like even more than that. But it was just a very long day. In the end I hope things went well. I am actually very proud of my little prayer journal and when I get the next 2 weeks written I will be making it available in some form.

Also all of that crap really drove me to prayer. It was like in the middle of the chaos I was able to find God’s presence if not his peace. And I had this really weird thought. I imagined God saying to me, “I know today seems rough, but you didn’t see all of the other things that I stopped from happening.” Because I have my perspective my day sucked. But from God’s perspective it might have been 1000 times better than it could have been. I will never know. But all of that is to say that I prayed a bunch today so it wasn’t a total wash.

I guess I am done whining now.  

One thought on “Broken Day

  • August 23, 2007 at 12:09 PM

    Sorry to hear about your day. May God bless you and pick you up.

    Looking forward to seeing the prayer journal. Very cool idea. Maybe I’ll borrow it for my group.



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