Building by Tearing Down

I am about to get my park back. They have been re-building a bridge right next to the park that I frequent. It has been a long process with a ton of heavy equipment (including this very loud hydraulic machine that drives pillions into the lake bed.) They are almost finished and now the bridge looks almost the same as it did when they started.

Let me lay out for you all of what they did. First they spent 6 months building a temporary bridge right next to the old one. Then they tore down the old bridge. Next they rebuilt the old bridge obviously fixing whatever was wrong with it, and now they are tearing down the temporary bridge.

As I watched them pack away beams that they had worked so hard to get into place I was thinking about churches and about how many of them need to go through a similar process. First off most of the people who drove across the bridge had no clue anything was wrong. It took someone who knew the right way to look to know there was a problem. Second they didn’t wait until the bridge collapsed to repair it. They acknowledge the problem and set about fixing it. Third sometimes you have to implement temporary measures when you have a greater goal. Churches do this on the small scale all the time. They go to two Sunday services or have random discipleship classes. 

I think the next thing is the most important. Sometimes you have to tear things down in order to make them stronger. Too many churches are holding on to what they have because they are afraid to let it go. Maybe it is time to tear down those structures and start again. In the same way it is important to know that the temporary measures are just that temporary and can’t be used forever.

Finally they rebuilt the bridge. It looks very similar. They didn’t have to take away everything and come up with something radically new, but the bridge is stronger. Maybe there are things in your life that need to be torn down so they can be rebuilt stronger.

Wow, that was a bunch of rambling mess. Oh well, that is what you get on a Saturday.  

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