Business Meetings, Deadlines, and Brain Fatigue

My brain is tired tonight. For some reason our church has gone back to monthly business meetings. These meetings are on Wednesday nights which means if the youth are to attend (or if I am to attend) we must stop what we are doing every 4th week and go sit through something that even though important isn’t all that interesting.

Tonight we were approving the budget and a couple of new policies so I felt like I needed to be in the meeting, but at the same time there were students who were coming to church who aren’t Christians and tonight would just be their second time in church just about ever so I just couldn’t bring myself to asking my students to come upstairs. So I found myself leading the singing time and making a few announcements and then going upstairs to the meeting while the students watched a video. If you are keeping score that is two videos in a row. We are becoming a satellite church.

Then of course business meetings are just terrible for me. I want to talk and throw in my two cents especially when there are things that I don’t agree with, but at the same time as a staff person there are some questions that I just can’t ask in an open setting because they would look like insubordination. So I find myself biting my tongue and keeping my head down and trusting that God knows something that I don’t.

Anyway, with all of that going on tonight my brain is tired, but I have a deadline creeping up on me fast. I know that I need to write tonight, but I think I will finish this up and then head to bed. The problem is that I have done that same thing every night this week. Eventually I have to start putting words down. Oh well, I guess it will happen soon.

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