But, Daddy…

Nathan has a new phrase (actually he has several, but this is the one I want to talk about). When I tell him to do something that he doesn’t want to do and he is in a relatively good mood so his first reaction isn’t just a great big whine he will sometimes say, “but, Daddy…” in this half whine, half plantive way that has you just waiting for what his counter offer will be. But then there isn’t ever a counter offer. I looks something like this.

Me: Nathan it is time to go take a nap

Nathan: But Daddy…

Me: But what?

Nathan: I don’t know daddy I don’t know.

It is like the little guy understands that he is wants to do something else, but he doesn’t quite understand that he is supposed to have a better plan in mind after that but.

You know as I have lived these nearly 3 years as a father I have learned so much about my heavenly father. I wonder how many times I have had a very clear word from God that I have answered with a “But Daddy…” Sometimes I have had excuses, sometimes they may even have been good excuses, but when the God who created the universe tells you to do something anything that you say other than “yes” is just silly anyway.

While there are times when I have had excuses I know there are other times when I have just looked at him and said, “But Daddy…” I don’t really like to think of myself as the spiritual equivalent of a 2 year old, but sometimes I know I really am.

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