But Do You Love Me?

fiddler.jpgTonight we doing a shortened version of our annual Christmas worship. I am taking an idea I used a couple of years ago that I really like. I start by showing the song "Do You Love Me" from fiddler on the roof. (I love this movie, but I don’t own the DVD so I spent all day yesterday driving around trying to find it. I eventually downloaded it from Vongo. I will see how well that works on a dual display) Then I go on to talk about how God came not as a conquerer, but as a baby because He didn’t just want obedience He wanted love.

Keep reading to see my outline.

Do You Love Me 

Ask: What are some ways other people shown you that they loved you?

At Christmas we come to the ultimate place where God showed His love for us.

God showed his love for you in Jesus and now he is asking. Do You Love Me?

Play: Fiddler on the Roof clip

Love is more than just the actions. She says she has done all of the actions isn’t that enough, but he wants more. He doesn’t just want her actions he wants her love.

That is the question that God is asking you. Do you love me? Not, do you do the right things, not do you go through the motions, but do you love me?

It isn’t so much about getting everything right. If he wanted you to do everything right he could force you or scare you into that. It is about love.

So he comes not as a king, but as a baby. He comes to show you that he loves you.

Jesus was the ultimate picture of the Love of God.

“Here is how far I am willing to go to show you that I love you. Do you love me? Not just fear me, or respect me, or wonder about me, but do you love me.”

Obedience can begin with fear, but it needs love to continue

Worship can begin with wonder, but it is love that keeps the wondrous from getting ordinary.

There are times when Meredith looks at me the right way that my heart still melts. Sometimes in the way that she laughs I am caught up again at the beauty of it all. It is the love that keeps the miraculous from becoming mundane.

Meredith and I could live together and look to everyone on the outside like we were married, but we wouldn’t have a relationship without love. And it would be hard and cold and miserable.

Of course the ultimate way that God showed his love was through his Son Jesus

Read the Christmas story

Are you trying to live as a Christian without love? God has done what he can now he is asking Do you love me?

Close by singing some Christmas carols. 

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