And with it the big events of my summer are over as well. I have one more trip with the whole church next week, but we are pretty much on a down hill slide to school starts back. It looks like I may survive yet another summer.

The end of our BYBC was a good day. We planned a water war, and it worked out better that we were at the church. That let us use sprinklers and such. I did learn one valuable piece of advice that I need to pass on to all of you. If you want to have a water balloon fight do not send 4 teenage boys to fill them. 45 minutes after I sent them to get started I go to check on them and they are all soaking wet and they have a grand total of….wait for it….3 water balloons filled up. 

But all of the teenagers did such a good job. I was so proud of all of them. My group right now is comprised mostly of upperclassmen and that really helps. These guys have been with me for several years and so they no what to expect, what to do, and have at least a little bit of maturity to know how to do it. All in all it was a good week, setbacks and all.  

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