bye bye Chick Flicks…

…hello Song of Solomon. We wrapped up our Chick Flick study this week. It was fun to spend some time looking at old movies and such, but after several weeks of watching movies looking for clips I am ready for some explosions. But I thought it would be a little weird to go with guy flicks immediately so instead I am going with a book of the Bible that I think is very interesting and often ignored.

Each year I like to spend at least one study just digging through a book of the Bible. This year’s book is the Song of Solomon. It is a book that I have wanted to study more myself so I am pretty excited about the whole thing. A big part of what we are doing is coming from Serendipity’s book on SoS (which is at the office so I can’t give you the exact name) and that book spends a great deal of time putting SoS in context with the rest of the Bible which I think is pretty cool.

But that is all 2 weeks away. Next week is my favorite type of week at Catalyst, a week where a student will speak. It am pretty excited.

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