Calvary Late Night Dance Party

I have forgotten to give you guys some important news. The new wing of our church is finally open! We have been thinking that it would be complete for at least 9 months now, but it is finally here.

Tonight we had our first youth meeting to sort of christen (sp?) the room. We had a Calvary Late Night Dance Party. That was the title on 2 letters and a flyer, and guys showed up looking for Halo. They couldn’t believe that we were really going to dance. There were some chaperones who couldn’t believe that we were really going to dance too, but that is another story.

So anyway, we spent the day getting the room set up with lights (I bought a few dance lights earlier in the year that work on DMX 512) A smoke machine and a projection screen. We tried to sing a few songs, but the drummer of our band was spending the last night with his wife before she heads back to Iraq so we didn’t have live music and the CD’s didn’t go over well. Oh well, you live and learn.

After that we played a clip of Napoleon Dynamite dancing to try and get everyone loosen up to dance on their own. Then I turned on the music and set the disco light flashing and we actually had a real honest to goodness dance. We even had slow songs where I got a chance to dance with my wife. (I actually really miss dancing with her. I think I am going to have a Valentine dance for the adults in my church. They would get a kick out of it.) I played a collection of music from hardcore Christian rock to some secular dance staples (YMCA, Ice Ice Baby, Summer Loving—complete with guys and girls on opposite sides of the room and a dance line and “worm” line going in between.)

I called Meredith and told her to get some drinks. She asked how many cans and I said about 50 because I was expecting not many more than 30 people. As it turns out there were over 80 students there. I have to admit as they kept coming in I was pretty worried about the whole thing, but God took care of everything—there were no fights, no one trying to sneak off, no making out, etc. All in all it was a great fun time for me. I have to admit that I have always loved to dance so it was like one big party for me too. My legs are incredibly sore right now and I know that my neck will be tomorrow.

One final thing: there were some people that I consider leaders in our group who made a choice to be somewhere else. This was such a major event in our youth group (heck there were at least 50 visitors there) and some key leaders made the choice to be other places. I think I am going to start changing my idea of who is a leader from those who are older, to those who want to be a part of what we have going on.

PS. For all of those who think dancing is wrong read through the life of David and get over it. But I did give 3 reasons why I wanted to have a dance party, here there are.

1) I bought some cool lights and wanted to play with them

2) I really miss dancing and dances in general were always so much fun for me

3) I believe that Dance is an important part of worship that we have forgotten. There is a transformation that occurs when you lose yourself in worship enough to praise God with your entire body. I’m not saying that what we did tonight was all worship, but when it comes to our new space I wanted to start by reminding people that they need to cut loose and dance before the Lord from time to time.

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