Camp, Freelance, and Super Series

This has been a week of writing and planning. Since I don’t have a youth lesson that I am working towards next week it has been a good time to get caught up on the complete series that I am working to have available here on In the middle of that I have been completing a freelance job and writing stuff for a potential second one. My hands are tired from all of the typing.

But the Gross, Weird, True series is finally all written. Now I am in the process of creating a format that is actually usable. I really like to do page layout stuff, but I am not good at coming up with designs on my own, so it may take a few days for me to get it looking the way that I want. After that all I need to do is make a couple of PowerPoint files and get everything organized into a handy downloadable zip.

Sounds like it would be ready sometime next week except that next week is youth camp. We are heading to M-Fuge in Nashville. I am excited about getting a chance to help with flood clean up and the like. So it may be a couple of weeks before I get the series done, but I am excited to be this close.

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