Camp Post 4 (I think)

So here I am at camp still and I am very quickly working my way to bed. I learned a ton of cool stuff today, but I didn’t write enough of it down and I have forgotten it. We had one girl accept Jesus as her Lord tonight, and one guy who is still working things out so that is very cool. Meredith is gone tonight with the backpacking group. She heard that they were going to cook fajitas and make smores so she wanted to go and they didn’t have enough adults so it worked out really well. But I miss her being here. She is a nice balance for me and really helps me when my instincts are a little off.

Alright, am I the only person who works off of instinct when it comes to ministry? I guess instinct is the right way to say it. When there are ministry situations I simply say what comes out of my mouth and trust that God is putting the right words there. Sometimes it is really cool, but sometimes it is insane. Anyway, Meredith helps to reel in the insane sometimes.

I have been in about a million conversations about worship and I keep wanting to say, “Well, I’m in a new book that just came out about worship.” But I can’t think of a way to say it without sounding pretentious. (I’m only half-kidding about that, alright only 5% kidding about that)

Anyway, in our worship conversations we have been pondering how the church really does a disservice in its use of language. By calling certain times “worship” we have made it hard for anyone to see worship as something that goes beyond those few times. (I wanted to put a tangent in here, but I added it at the bottom, you can read the tangent now or go on with worship.) I heard one guy say that everyone is a worship leader. Everyday when you are walking around in your job or your school or just at the mall you are leading people in worship. The actions that you take will either glorify God or they will glorify something else and they will lead people to worship. If most of us are honest most of our time, talents, energy, and money is put into leading people to worship ourselves. We are always leading worship so things like style don’t really matter as much as lifestyle.

Here is my tangent: In the same way we have made these camp “mountain top” experiences into something that just happens one week out of the year. So we have students who are waiting for Fuge to get their refill of God. What if these types of events aren’t helping students? Camp life (and other retreats) don’t do a very good job of teaching students how to find God in the middle of their lives. Now I’m not saying that camps aren’t good; I love retreats and stuff, but maybe they are emphasizing the quick fix and not doing enough to teach about life over the long hall.

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