Candlelight Christmas Meeting

We once again had our annual Candle Christmas meeting this week. This is now an 11 year tradition. The first few years was before I had ever even heard of worship stations or anything like that, in later years I have combined sermons with worship and prayer activities.

This year I incorporated our storytelling through the Bible series into a prayer service about Christmas. This past week we were discussing the plagues and the Passover. I thought it was a great way to tie in about Christmas as we discussed Jesus being the Passover lamb given for us.

We have a new and unique group of students right now, most of which weren’t around for my big dip into alternative worship so this was a new experience for them. For some it was a moving event, a time to take a break from their lives and focus in on God. For others it was just a weird time to sit in the dark, but either way I think it was where we needed to be as a group.

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