Carlos Whittaker

If you don’t own this worship album (do we still call them albums) stop what you are doing right now and go and buy it right now….go on…we’ll wait.

OK, now that we are all back (and that silly little “we’ll wait” affectation if over) let me talk about these songs. I don’t know why, but this seems to be the soundtrack of my life lately. Most especially the song “God of Second Chances”


Great Redeemer, we humbly respond to the call of Your love
Gracious Father, like a child we run with arms lifted up
So let the praises rise
You’re the God of second chances, You’re the God who still romances
We’re in awe before You now, and our hearts are bowing down
You’re the God of all the ages, who are we that You would save us
We’re in awe before You now, and our hearts are crying out

Singing hallelujah to our God, hallelujah to our God

What an amazing set of lyrics.

I wanted to point this guy out because I have been listening to him lately and because I love that he puts chord charts to all of his songs on his site. Which for small time worship leaders is priceless. If you haven’t heard him be sure to go check it out and pick up his album in your favorite 21 century music purchasing way.


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