Casting Crowns

We went to a Casting Crowns concert tonight. It was in a gym at The Baptist College of Florida so we were really close. It was a really fun time for the youth and parents who went. I can tell that I have been working too much this week and spending too much time with people because everything got on my nerves. It really was more of a worship service than a concert which is cool, but different than most other concerts I have been too. I guess I just don’t go to many concerts that aren’t very high impact. I normally only go to the harder music type concerts so it was a new thing to just stand and sing.

On a shameless plug note: if you haven’t bought the new CC CD then you really should. There are a couple of real gems. They do have a song that sounds like it is trying to cash in on the popularity of "If we are the Body" (same idea) but I think it is just what they are going through. I really think it is cool that these guys are youth workers even still. How bad would it suck to be another youth pastor in their town. I would be telling kids to go to their church because I probably would be going myself.

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  • September 11, 2005 at 8:43 PM

    Shane…you’re hilarious dude! I loved your thought that it would suck to be a YP in their town! So true!


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