Catalyst Report

I actually meant to write about last night all day today. I kept sitting down to write, and I kept doing other things. I know you were all sitting with baited breath waiting to see how my Wednesday night lesson went so here is the report. This is exerped from our student blog

It was a cool night. There are some nights when we are all together that God really makes his presence felt and we all are sort of in awe of him, and then there are nights when no one really pays a lick of attention to God and the whole night feels forces and out of sync. Then there are nights like last night where everyone simply feels free, and as we worship and move through Bible study it is more like we are a family or a group of friends than just a youth group. I like nights like that. I like when people can be who they are and learn about God at the same time.

On top of that I got a chance to play guitar again. There are some nights when I really just feel like a rock star. Our two older guitar players were out, so me and the young guy played, and actually held our own. It was hard to tell that it was just us. This is good because the old guys will graduate soon and leave us, and I want to be ready for when that happens. My bass player is a college girl too so I need a backup bass player soon.

I know you don’t care about this stuff, but we played a new song Isaiah 43 which goes back to my college days. If you haven’t heard it try to find it somewhere because it speaks so plainly about God’s provision for us. It also has a cool girl echo part.  

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