Catalyst Update: A good start

After last week’s blank stares when it came to answering questions I went back to the drawing board this week to try to come up with ways to get the group engaged in the story. Everything wasn’t perfect, but it was a good start. Here are some ideas that I used:

1) I prayed and prayed and prayed specifically for better group participation. I have a deep desire for the students to do more than just sit, I want them to engage with the truth so I spent a great deal of time praying about just that.

2) After the singing time we all sat in a circle. 26 people made for a big circle, but it is much better way to facilitate discussion.

3) We played 2 truths and a lie before the story so that the students would get used to talking in front of people

4) I told the story instead of reading the story.

These things helped the night to be one of the more encouraging youth meetings I have had in a while. I have other ideas that I will be adding next week to try to get the students to go even deeper into the text.

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