Catayst Worship Arts Team

I have been hyping this worship arts team for several weeks now. We had some students lead worship with drama and dance so that people would see what we were doing, and we had sign ups that lasted a month. But last night when we had our first meeting we only had the people who were already involved! Sometimes I am so confused by this job I don’t even know which way is up.

But with that said, I am very excited about having a team of people to do drama and dance, (and I hope art). I have really missed being a part of a drama team, and it will be cool to be involved in that type of ministry again. I just had a thought, that I may not even run with, but here it is anyway. What if I opened up the drama, dance, art, and tech teams to adults too. That would give my adult people an artistic outlet and will add to our numbers. I don’t know if I like the idea of 40 year olds busting out with some hip-hop dances, but you never know.

The question I have is will it hurt the participation of teenagers or will they respond positively. This is something that I will need to pray about, but I see a ton of advantages for creating real community between the generations. Oh well, this was supposed to be just a general report, but now it has become something more. What do you guys think? Do you think a blended drama group of students and adults would work? Post your thoughts in the comments.  

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