Talking to Kids about Politics

Talking to Kids about Politics

Engaging in the political discussion and taking advantage of our privileged to vote is important for Christians. We need to add our voice to the discussion and since as Christians we know God who is the ultimate answer to the problems we face as people and as a nation we should be involved in public life.

But it is no secret that this year’s political climate has gotten a bit…well…to put it bluntly, nasty. While this isn’t a new thing, it is a new thing for me as a father. For the first time my son is listening to the news and I find myself needing to talk to him about what he is hearing and seeing.

I have to admit I would rather have “the talk” than try to explain what is happening in the presidential race this year. You see, I have a goal with him that goes beyond simply trying to get him on my side about who to vote for. I want to help him to grow up to be a person who can be a voice of reason and change so maybe the political discourse that his children see will be different.

Here are my goals:

  • Teach my children that God has ordained governments.
  • Since they are God ordained instruments governments and public officials should be respected.
  • While respecting the laws and governments in place we must remember that we always have a higher law to follow and that is the laws of God.
  • We must remember that this world is not our home and that while we will work to make our country great, ultimately our goal is to bring God glory.
  • We must remember that our mission is to take the love of Christ to the world. Our mission is to make disciples and to reach out with the love of Christ. We must be sure that what we say and do in defense of our political ideals will not interfere with our ultimate mission.
  • We disagree with ideas and actions, not with people.
  • We will listen to what others have to say even if we are opposed to their opinions.
  • Governments require compromise. When people get more concerned about winning than they do helping others they create a culture of fighting and stagnation. In order to move forward we must be willing to listen, compromise, and adapt.

On a personal note I also want to teach my children than if you are going to argue against someone make sure that you are at least arguing against facts and not false half arguments. For instance I get frustrated when I hear Christians arguing that they didn’t evolve from monkeys. No one is arguing that you evolved from a monkey. People say that you and that monkey have a common ancestor. That is different. When you make an assumption and then argue against the assumption your argument loses weight. Be truthful if you want to create a bigger impact.

If you would like some ideas on how to talk to your kids about politics. Here is a really good aritical.


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Minecraft Bible Study Update

Minecraft Bible Study Update

It is FINALLY here. You can pick up the complete Faithcraft package by following the link below.

I am re-teaching Faithcraft at our church so while I am doing that I am redoing the videos and such and making them a little more useful for you guys. I am adding 2 more weeks and changing the order of the weeks a bit. I am also making 3 video devotions for each week that will be online. I will try to include a copy of the script when I finish the full package. Until then check out these 3 new videos below. Also, I am wondering if people would be willing to donate some money to help me finish putting this package together. I have fixed the donate link in the sidebar and I have in my head a way that people who want to get the study for free can have it and those who are willing to pay can have it too. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to pay now to have the final process sped up.

To check up what we have so far you can get the rough drafts here

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Our church as started using Facebook ads to promote events. I love being able to track how many people see it, get immediate responses from people, and the cost is much cheaper than any other ad buy we have done. For those of you who be interested the process is pretty simple. I’m not the best person to do a tutorial, but for $50 we were able to target most of the people in our area and even got a few responses. It is much cheaper and easier than any sort of mail out or other ads.

I normally don’t use Facebook for youth ads because so few teens are regularly on Facebook anymore, but I do use it for stuff for children and make the marketing geared towards the parents.

So have you ever tried them before? Anyone have success or horror stories they want to share?

Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study Series

Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study Series

UPDATE: Check out to purchase the complete Bible study.

I know many people have been asking for the outline of Friendship Faithcraft. I have been meaning to make it one of my complete series for a while now, but I can’t seem to find the time. So in the interim here are my notes and a few files that should help you get started. It isn’t the pick up and go option that I would like, but it may help some of you in your plans this summer. If you have any questions let me know.

Please see the link above to purchase Faithcraft. I will get these links working again after I fix our virus issues.

Faithcraft Week 1 Wise and Foolish Builders

Faithcraft Week 2 Nehemiah

Faithcraft Week 3 Naaman and Elisha

Faithcraft Week 4 hole in the roof


Faithcraft Main Screen

Faithcraft Week 2 Video (Notes for Week Two Coming Soon)

Faithcraft Intro Video

Faithcraft Week 1 Devotion 1 (There will be 3 of these for each Faithcraft week)

Faithcraft Nehemiah Video

Lego Stop Motion Ship

Update: Here are some other things I have posted recently



Minecraft Bible Study for Kids: Nehemiah

Minecraft Bible Study for Kids: Nehemiah

I am working on a new Minecraft Bible study. Actually we are in the middle of it and I am writing it as we go along. When it is all said and done it will be a 4 week series about building your faith. I hope to add it as a series sort of like the Gross, Weird, True one is now. In the mean time check out this opening video my son and I made. It is an opening to the story of Nehemiah made in Minecraft.

Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study is up now in rough draft form.