"<span>Creative Prayers</span>"


Kinetic Sand Prayer Station

At our Winter Overnight a couple of days ago we did a time where we set up prayer stations. One of those stations you will ...

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Family Prayer Ideas (Prayer Chain)

Our church is getting ready to have a series of meeting that Baptist normally call a “revival.” I’m not a huge fan of that term, ...

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Passionate Prayer Journal

This week I had a feeling that our group needed to have a special time of prayer. In the end only 4 people showed up, but I don't think that made the event any less important. It was good for me if nothing else.

I didn't want to go with the whole stations thing, but at the same time I have some students who will not do well with "pray for an hour" as instructions so I tried to come up with some middle ground. I made a booklet that I called the Passionate Prayer Journal. You can check out all of the text bellow and if you want you can check out the pdf of the journal. (The cover art comes from the gallery over at creativemyk)

Passionate Prayer Screen View Version

Passionate Prayer Print Versions
(print these front to back and then fold pages together and staple them in the middle to make a booklet.)

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Seed: Guided Prayer

Synopsis This is a guided prayer activity using a seed as an object lesson. Spiritual idea This is a prayer of submission to God asking ...

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