Worship Graphics

Check out Kinetic Faith for some free graphics and video for worship. From their website:

KineticFaith.com is a clearinghouse for the graphic and video design work used at our church.We are making all this content available for download at no charge. Our prayer is that this can be a resource for those churches that lack the money or personnel to purchase or develop content for their church and worship services.

Included in this site are worship backgrounds and covers in themed series for specific messages and generic content for any worship setting.


God is…God has done…God please do

God is…God has done…God please do

This is a worship progression we used one night when our band wasn’t able to lead us in worship. It would work well when your group has specific needs that they are praying for. It would work well before a planning meeting or retreat and simply change the prayer requests section to praying for your meeting. Actually the last section can be changed to cater to whatever special prayer needs would work best.

The Idea:

This worship time begins by praising God for who He is, then praising Him for what he Has done. It concludes with a time of supplication. When students see more of who God is and when they remember what He has done they will reawaken to the fact that their requests are being made to the God who can make a difference.

The Setup:

  • Before you begin copy enough of the journaling sheets for everyone in your group.
  • Set up large sheets of paper (large craft rolls work very well) in an accessible place in your room along with drawing materials. The paper will need to be big enough for everyone to find a space to draw on.
  • If necessary set up multiple sheets of paper.
  • If your group is large you may consider passing out paper and pencils.
  • If you are short on floor space then hang long sheets of paper along the walls.
  • As people enter hand them a balloon and a permanent marker.

The Worship Experience:


  • Instruct everyone to blow up their balloons and tie them off.
  • (Tip: Make sure that everyone has their balloon tied before you start the actual worship process. This way you don’t have to listen to students making noises with the balloons.)
  • Instruct students to complete the sentence “God is…” with either a word or a phrase and write their answer on their balloon.
  • After a short time tell them to start hitting their balloons in the air
  • Play some sort of loud worship music while they are hitting the balloons
  • (Tip: Have adult volunteers make balloons as well. Some balloons may pop so having extras insures that everyone will get a balloon.)
  • After a moment have the music stop and everyone grab a balloon.
  • If students have their own balloon they should trade with a neighbor
  • Instruct students to read their balloons and then write their original answer on this balloon too.
  • Start the music up again and have them hit the balloons again.
  • Have them write on the balloons a third time and then throw them up in the air again.
  • When the music stops this time ask students to read the words or phrases on their balloons.
  • As a final act of praise have everyone pop their balloons at the same time.


  • Have everyone pick up their balloon parts and throw them away as they move towards where you have set up the paper and drawing materials.
  • Instruct students to draw a picture of something that God has done–either for them personally or for all of us
  • Play some soft worship music while students are drawing.
  • Give students who like to draw plenty of time to worship (at least 7 minutes or so)
  • For students who finish earlier encourage them to draw something else or come up with a list of all of the things that God has done for them.
  • After a couple of worship songs, have students volunteer to share about their drawings.


This is slightly different than many of the worship experiences that I do because it isn’t about worship as much as it is about prayer requests, but at its heart this experience is acknowledging that God alone has the answers.

  • Pass out the journaling sheets and pens as students head back to their seats.
  • (tip: if your group isn’t super large you could put the sheets and pens on their chairs while they are drawing)
  • Take a moment and debrief the experience so far. Point out that you have worshiped God for who He is and what He has done.
  • Say: Now we are going to open up our hearts to God and go to Him with our problems and our requests. One of the hardest things about prayer is that it admits that you aren’t in control, but that God ultimately is. God is all of these things that we have talked about and God has come through for us time and time again as we have drawn. Spend a few moments praying and asking God to help you with what you are struggling with right now. As you journal you can either write your prayer as a letter to God or simply make a list of your requests.
  • Play some more soft worship music and give students time to pray.
  • Close the experience in prayer thanking God for who He is, for what He has done, and for what He is going to do.

God Please Do .pdf


Good Friday Ideas: Videos

There are lots of Easter and Good Friday videos available these days, but one of my favorites would have to be “What Does Love Sound Like?” I have watched it more times than I can count and have shown it at least 10 times in various settings and every time I am struck by the power of the message. The link above will take you to Worship House Media where you can purchase and download it.

Let’s Get Cheesy

While some of my students are really into our story series there are others who are getting a little tired of it. You can just see it in their eyes. So I tried to come up with a way to spice up the story this week. I thought it would be funny to add a bunch of pictures as I told the story, but I couldn’t figure out how to cue my tech person on when to fire them. So instead I just recorded a video of me telling the story and stuck the pictures in.

It isn’t perfect, in fact it is pretty rough, but it worked. The spirit of the lesson improved greatly and more students seemed to be involved in the story and the discussion. Anyway, I thought it would be funny to stick it here for you to see.

Good Friday Service Ideas: Unashamed Love

Good Friday Service Ideas: Unashamed Love

The cross is so many things. It is pain and healing. It is defeat and victory. It is death and life. But one of the things that the cross is to me is a declaration–an unashamed declaration–of God’s love for us. The birth of Jesus was a small affair, just a few shepherds and a wise man or three, but His death was public. It was out in the open. It wasn’t hidden away in some corner. It was God saying to the whole world. “You want to know how much I love you? You want to know how far I will go to make sure you know I care? Well check this out! Here is my love.”

God didn’t whisper his love to us like a guy on the phone with his wife when his friends are around. God was unashamed in His love for us.

So here is the idea:

Find an old love letter that you wrote to your significant other back when you were still in that mushy-ushy sickly-sweet love stage. The younger you were when you wrote it the better.

Read John  13:1

Then tell a little about your letter (when it was written etc.) and then read it for your group. Don’t be ashamed of your love and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself a bit either.

Say: This same type of love–this unashamed, unafraid to show it to the world kind of love–that is how God loves you. In the cross God showed us His love. He wrote it out for all of the world to see. He didn’t hide it, he shouted his love for you and for me. The cross is many things, but one thing it is, is God’s declaration of love for you and for me.