Hours upon Hours

I was trying to figure out just how many hours I put into the 2 videos I made for our choir concert tonight. I know that I watched the first 34 episodes of The Office and the first season of 30 Rock with my Netflix Xbox thing, and I didn't even bring that into my room until Monday of last week. There were quite a few hours before that. In the end I think they looked pretty decent, and I hope added to the overall worship experience. I also learned how to use the basics of After Effects and Adobe Premier. So that was an added bonus. In the end what took the longest was finding all of the elements. I was asked to work on 2 fast songs which…
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Tactile Worship

Worship ideas
I have been thinking this week about ways to offer "hands on" worship experience without having it be a big production. Tomorrow night I have 2 plans to help worship be about touching as well as singing. 1) Students are to hold hands across the isle. Normally we do this when we speak about Christian unity. Tomorrow we are going a different way. After a song about God coming to live and die here on earth I am going to have a quiet time of reflection where I instruct the students to think about how the God of the Universe wants to come in contact with us. As surely as you are holding the hands of the people around you, God wants to touch your heart tonight. As you pray…
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Passionate Prayer Journal

Creative Prayers, Creative Worship, Youth Ministry Ideas
This week I had a feeling that our group needed to have a special time of prayer. In the end only 4 people showed up, but I don't think that made the event any less important. It was good for me if nothing else. I didn't want to go with the whole stations thing, but at the same time I have some students who will not do well with "pray for an hour" as instructions so I tried to come up with some middle ground. I made a booklet that I called the Passionate Prayer Journal. You can check out all of the text bellow and if you want you can check out the pdf of the journal. (The cover art comes from the gallery over at creativemyk) Passionate Prayer…
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Good Friday Ideas

Good Friday Ideas, Worship ideas
I closed the Areopogus (a little used forum) a few months back, but I wanted to revive a thread from there. This post from Jen was about her Good Friday Ideas. I hope it helps you.   In our community, the youth from all of the churches lead a community Good Friday service. This has been going on for several years, but I really liked this one. And I want to say thanks, Shane, because I borrowed from you (I gave you credit, in case you are worried.) Our service focused on the healing power of the cross. We called it a Service of Hope and Healing. We had three worship stations as people entered the building on the way into the auditorium. The first was a station for "Letting…
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