5 Year Old Fitted with Carbon Fiber Legs

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There are few things lately that have made me smile as much as the smile on this little girls face. She seems so amazingly happy, and why shouldn't she be, she has gone from struggling to walk to having the freedom to run. Her community kicked in the money she needed to get the legs. It is actually a great story (check it out on Gizmodo). I just keep thinking about the joy on her face and the freedom that these legs will bring to her life. It is cool when people come together and do something good.
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The internet is a darn cool place. I mean it has its faults, but with Google it can be a wealth of information. When I am having trouble with something computer related like most people the first place I turn is to Google. It is normally pretty easy, just type in a couple of words that are sort of like your problem and you will find dozens of other people who have experienced the same thing and lots of very nice people who have shared advice. There is a whole lesson on the great communal nature of message boards, but that is for another time. A couple of weeks ago I figured it was finally time to get some video of Noah up on the web. I plugged in the…
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