Introducing the new (sort of)

Introducing the new (sort of) is back up and running better than ever. Nearly every permanent page* has permanent text on it, and I think I finally have the layout, categories, and navigation all worked out. There are a few things from the old site that I will be adding in the next few weeks. There are several more outlines and prayer station entries that were part of the old site that I want to edit and make usable. I also need to add a section for the complete series stuff, but that will come in the next few weeks.

Right now I am working to go back through the blog posts and categorize and tag them. There are over 1,300 posts up right now that have no category listing at all. I want to work through those and get them sorted out so that information in them is easy to find (for you and for me). I made an executive decision tonight not to add featured images to those older posts. The time it would take to do that is more than I have to offer and I can use that time to produce things that you can use instead of just searching through images.

Speaking of feature images, I like having them as part of the design, but sometimes there just isn’t an image that works so I have started to just add cool pictures that I find on stock.xchng like this interesting picture that you find on this post.

There are still a few tweeks that I would like to make, but I think this is the shape of for the foreseeable future. If you have any suggestions or comments about the new design let me know.


*I just thought of a couple places that I haven’t fixed yet and they won’t get fixed until Sunday or so, but I have already started typing this post and don’t have anything else in mind so I will just keep going.

Getting Down the Bones

Getting Down the Bones

I think that the basic structure of the new site is set. There are a few more tweaks that I want to make, but the bones are in place. Now I am trying to get all of the static content added. This is a process that would go much faster if I didn’t have to extensively edit and rewrite some of this stuff. I really posted some very incomplete outlines and such and I want to try to fix that. But that is a long process.

Tonight I was able to fix the Love Worship outline. It is a complete worship outline with sermon ideas, links to creative elements and 5 stations for worshipers to engage with after the corporate time. I hope to do one of those a night for the next couple of days as well as add some other stuff from time to time.

Thanks for your patience.

Pardon our Progress

Pardon our Progress is currently undergoing some major changes. While those changes are taking place (over the course of the next several days) the site will be live, but not very user friendly. There are some major changes coming as you can already see, and I hope that these changes will help the site to be more useful. has been around since I think 1997. I was an early Microsoft FrontPage adopter and have been creating this website for all of these years without ever learning code, so changes like this take me some time and a great deal of fiddling to get everything to land just right.

Over the years this site has morphed from just a place to add drama resources to a place where I could share my thoughts about ministry and also add creative ideas for worship and leading youth. This major upgrade to the site is partially about money, but mostly about finding a new way to organize all of that stuff into a format that is actually functional. I also hope to fix a bunch of the typos (at least in the resources) and also make some of the resources more user friendly.

As of right now none of the links to resources work unless they were hosted outside of If you stumble on something and need it immediately send me an email and I will see if I can get it to you.

The Wave is Over

There is always a big wave of hits around Christmas time here on But as normally happens those hits sort of taper off as we approach the actual holiday. Most people have either found a creative idea to use for the Christmas gatherings or have just decided “this year we will just go simple and traditional.” Which either means that they want to go simple and traditional or they want to follow tradition and simply not put the time into finding something new. I have fallen into both camps from time to time.

I have been working behind the scenes for a few weeks now on a total site redesign. To say I have been working on it is a bit of a stretch. I am currently learning how to work with WordPress themes so that I can make this site (and the 2 other personal sites that I work with) look and function the way that I want. This means I have spent a great deal of time staring at this computer screen without a whole lot of actual changes, but change is coming. I will be making the migration from Squarespace to WordPress slowly, but I think that it will happen within the next month or so.

One quick question: Did anyone download and look at the “Gross, Weird, True” Bible study? I am looking to add more of these complete studies, but I want to make sure that 1) people can use them and 2) the format and presentation work because I am planning on keeping it pretty much the same. You can post a comment or email me your feedback, either positive or negative if you would like.

Let’s Talk Tools

What tools do you use in your ministry? While of course only God is indispensable which ones would you hate to loose?

Some of the things that I use every week would be:

MediaShout – To run our worship slides and talk notes

Photoshop – I normally do some sort of picture for each lesson

Publisher – While I am learning InDesign I still do a whole lot of stuff in Microsoft Publisher. If push came to shove I would have to say that this is the one computer program that I would need the most.

Text Messages – I hate everything about cell phones, but texting is an essential resource for keeping up with students

Spin 360 – This is where we get all of our band music. I don’t buy music from it every week, but most of the songs the music that we have comes from them.

UPDATE: I now use InDesign exclusively.