Happy Feet Ministries

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Below is a letter from my wife, Meredith, about the mission trip she is taking this summer to Guatamala. I thought I would ask you guys if you would like to support this mission as well. You can make donations 2 ways. 1) You can click the "donate now" button in the sidebar or 2) if you would like your donation to be tax deductable you can send a check to Calvary Baptist Church 107 Baker Drive Eufaula, AL 36027 As a young child my mother taught me in Mission Friends about the missionaries God sends around the world to tell people about Jesus. As a college student God placed a burden on my heart to be one of these international missionaries. Now as a mother of two small boys…
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Hymns: Cultural Touchstones

My Life, Worship ideas
I have to admit if you asked me if I would rather listen to Pillar or the Gaither Vocal Band I would choose Pillar every time. I am not a hymn type guy. I like music that has a little bit of a beat to it, and generally I prefer a song led by a band rather than just a piano and a song leader. But there is something to be said about "classic" hymns of the church. When people have these conversations they normally talk about the deep doctrine contained in them. That isn't really much of a reason for me because 1) newer songs have deep doctrine too and 2) just because a song is old doesn't mean that it can't have flawed doctrine. For me what makes…
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