A very long week

Devotional Thoughts, My Life
First off, let me say that I am very thankful for my life. This week has shown me a new appreciation for my family, especially my little boy. With that said, this has been a very long week. Of course any week that includes Vacation Bible School is going to be a long week, but events this week of course have made it seem like it lasted a lifetime. Today I felt like I just wanted to sleep all day, and my lovely wife did let me sleep a great deal, but I had to spend some time at the funeral. Funerals for 8 year olds are just unnatural. The words that you hear at other funerals sound hollow and perverted. You are left clinging to the truth that you…
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Just two more days

My Life
Here is why I know I am a youth pastor. The first time I ever fly over the Atlantic, the first time I ever go to a different continent, I take a group of people with me. Lots of things are happening for this trip, and I know that we are going to be living out the mission of Jesus while we are there, but right now my biggest thought is weight and baggage. Seriously, I sit here and imagine places to stick stuff, ways to make things weigh less, even to the point of trying to get all of the air out of everything because air has weight. And of course we have a great church who loves to bring stuff so we are still getting little things to…
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