Bulletin Redesign

Design, My Life
I am working on a redesign of our church bulletin. We are moving from a weekly to a monthly so instead of just moving the stuff around I thought I would look at coming up with a new design. I have been "working" on this for a couple of weeks now which means that I have put together my template and stared at a blank screen a little each night trying to come up with ideas. Since we are printing tomorrow I knew I had to get something together tonight. Still looking for inspiration I put together some stock elements that I had. After a moment I had the picture that you see here. This will NOT be our new church bulletin, but I think I would be thrilled to…
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National Infantry Museum

Modern Culture, My Life
Ever wake up start you day and think that it is going to go one way to have it suddenly transformed and go a different way all together? Columbus, GA just recently got an IMAX theater. It opened up in June and while I head a few things about it I didn't really know where it was or why it was there. So one of my youth heard that they were playing the recent Star Trek version in the IMAX theater. So I did some digging and found out that the theater was at this place called patriot park and that it was actually more in Ft. Benning than in Columbus. So I checked times and as it turns out the movie was playing at 11:00 Eastern time (that's 10:00…
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My Little Sister…

My Life
...spoke at my church tonight about her recent trip to Africa. She came home with the desire to take Jesus literally when he talked about reaching out to help the poor and a vision of sharing that desire with others. She spoke tonight with a passion that was challenging beyond words. I couldn't have been more proud.
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Knowlege Sharing

Devotional Thoughts, Modern Culture
People often talk about the internet as the great democratizing of information. But not only is a great place to go and grab information it is a great place to go and teach. I spend lots of time messing around with tutorials. I love to learn new stuff and I really love to learn it from people who are sort of like me--people with information and no one to share it with, so they put it up on the internet. Sure there is a nice small measure of fame that you get from posting online (and it is a very small measure) but mostly I think people share because we are wired to share. We are wired to teach what we have learned. Evolutionist would say that this is a…
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