Working 9-5

I love my job, I really do, but from time to time I really envy those people who have a job that is just and 8-5. I mean I would probably go crazy, but there are times when I think it would be cool to stick a rivet in a hole for 8 hours and then come home and not think about work again until the next day.

Of course that only happens on weeks like this when it seems like I am working 12 hour days just to get everything done and I have meetings on top of meetings (I bounced between 2 different meetings tonight). But sometimes I wish I had a real day job and not this all consuming calling.

Alright that isn’t true. If I wasn’t getting paid to do this I would be doing it for free and working another job to pay the rent. Working with students is my passion and even though I forget sometimes it is God’s great gift to me that I get to do this as my profession.  

Free Speech Even When It Hurts

I don’t know if you saw this or not because it sort of got buried in the news of memorial day, but our country just passed a very interesting law. It is called the “Respect the Fallen Act” or something very similar and it is aimed pretty squarely at Westboro Baptist Church. The law states that there can be no demonstrations on the road into a cemetary on the day of a military funeral. It gives a certain amount of feet, but it primarily is designed to keep the loons from Westboro from protesting. (Westboro says that because America lets gays in the military that they are being punished and that is why soldiers are dying)  

Alright, I think you guys know that I think this group is insane. I have talked more than once about how much they are hurting the cause of Christ with their web site and their protests. I am honestly embarrassed that they share the name Baptist and can’t find even one shred of common ground that I have with these guys. 

With all of that said, this law is wrong and also counterintuitive. What they are doing is basically giving these crazies more reason to fight. And if I were them I would be thrilled that the government of the United States noticed enough to make a law against me.

Trust me, I hate all that they are saying. I think that it is utterly despicable to protest a funeral. When my parents died it was “news” so there were people covering the funeral and I was appalled by that. I think funerals should always be private affairs and this group should be ashamed for protesting when these men and women have given their lives for our country. But they have to have the right to do it.

I know that sucks. I know it isn’t right. All that I am wants to say that they should be thrown in jail for their stupid opinions. Trust me I believe that they are hurting Christianity. I want them silenced. But I also believe that in America one of the truths that we must live by is that free speech is only free if EVERYONE gets to say what they want. And as terrible as their speech is they have the right to say it. That is what makes this country so amazing. Even the people who say we have a bad country have a right to say it.

I don’t think this law will hold up in court. It is too limiting and too specific (anytime congress passes a law against a small group of people that is a problem in my book)  But even if it does hold up that doesn’t make it right. I want the right to always say what I believe, and I will fight for your right to do the same, even it is the exact opposite of what I want to say. That is the beauty of this country.

He’s Growing Up

Nathan had a very "aware" day today. We spent the day with his grandparents and when he wasn’t napping he was very much aware of his surroundings. He is starting to flirt much more with smiles and small verbalizations. His sounds are too much fun, even the mad sounds make me smile. Tonight I gave him my cell phone (which no longer works because I ran it through the washing machine) and he actually grabbed it and pulled it to his mouth. This small act is new for him, and while I know that I will be trying to keep things from his mouth for the next few years I was overjoyed to see him use his hands like that. His momma and I just can’t stop looking at him and being amazed at every little thing he does. There is no way that this kid won’t be conceited, but I don’t care I am addicted to him.


Apple put out a new itunes today. It doesn’t really change my life all that much, but I do like the album art view. I really like the ability to buy new games for my ipod. That means that I can own $5 games on 3 different platforms now. I know I really don’t need another game to play while I am on the toilet, but Steve Jobs says it is something really great and I must obey. So I am off to buy Vortex.

Oh yeah, and paying 12 bucks for a movie to watch on your ipod is just insane. Even with the ability to stream it to your TV it is just stupid. Is it really that hard to go and buy a DVD? and Non-Free Resources

xmaslogo.gifI found the other day and I have to say that I am intrigued. Mostly because they will bind a book for me and I think that is cool, (even though I don’t have anything written). But while I was there I found out that they will also host and sell downloadable .pdf files there too. That got me thinking.

There are a few things that I have written that aren’t right for submission and publication, but are still good resources. (or at least I think they are) But the level of work it would take to make them useable for others keeps them from being here on But they would be worth the time I am taking away from freelance work to make useable if they were to make me some money.

What I want to know is are any of you interested in purchasing some of the studies that we have done for your own groups. I would say that they would cost no more than $5 or so. I am thinking about the Classic Rock study for sure as well as a study on God’s Creativity and then maybe more to follow if those work out. You are under no obligation to purchase these things, I am just looking for people who might be interested. If you are drop me a comment and let me know.

(by the way I promise to get Meredith edit it for you)