God is Serious about Holiness

Devotional Thoughts
If you don't believe me read through Leviticus. He wasn't messing around when He laid down the laws for the tabernacle and sacrifice system, not to mention all of the clean and unclean laws that He had for His people. God is serious about His holiness. But the modern church doesn't really reflect that. Maybe it is because we were so tired of the puritanical, legalistic focus of the American church for much of the 20th century that when we tried to celebrate our freedom in Christ we went too far the other way, but we spend much more time talking about God's grace than about God's holiness. The problem is that we can't really understand grace until we understand just how perfect and holy God really is. We can't…
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I hate rendering

Meeting Report, Spiritual Ideas
Sorry I didn’t write last night, but my computer was being used to render a new preview video for our Winter Retreat. I was up to 3:00 trying to get it to work the way I wanted it to, and even after all that is still doesn’t look as good as I wanted. Oh well.Church was great tonight. It was one of those nights when everything just seems to click. The kids are in a good mood, and there are lots of them and the message may not be life changing, but at least they look like they are paying attention. I have to say that there are times when I wonder if God really answers prayers, because it seems like everything I pray for doesn’t really happen, and then…
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Psalm 119

Bible Stuff, Meeting Report
In all of the craziness of last week I forgot to talk about my lesson. I stumbled on Psalm 119 last week and it really struck me as a powerful message for teenagers, actually a powerful message for anyone in our "truth is relative" society. I have to admit that I knew that 119 was there and I knew it was the longest chapter. I even knew that the VBS pledge to the Bible came from there, but I can't remember ever reading it all the way through. So anyway I got to reading through this chapter and it is amazing. It really speaks to the heart of a Christian who is struggling with doing the right things. It has heartache and hardship and pain and joy and encouragement all…
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