Spiritual Ideas
My church started a process tonight that will go on over the next few months. We have put together a team of people who are going to evaluate what is happening in our church and come together to see where God is leading us.Tonight was our first meeting as a group. We started our 2 day on-site retreat with a really cool worship time. It was amazing to feel God in worship, as it always is. I was reminded once again how much worship can happen if I am willing to shut up and create space for God to speak to hearts. In our fast paced, never be quiet world silence is a rare commodity, and when we sit still before God He sometimes opens our eyes to where He…
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The Journey Book Proposal

To continue with the writer proposal stuff, I finally finished a book proposal to group and I just emailed it about 5 minutes ago. Here is the synopsis. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Too many times we try to present the church as a safe alternative for youth. Following God isn’t safe. To follow God we must go places that we have never been; we must choose adventures that are dangerous. As youth leaders we shouldn’t be trying to teach students to be safe, but rather we should be equipping them for God’s dangerous journey. The Journey is a twelve week youth Bible study that walks students through the journey of God’s chosen people from Abraham to the Promise Land. Through interactive Bible study and experiential worship it challenges students to follow God on…
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