Wii Bowling and following God

Devotional Thoughts, Spiritual Ideas
Nathan (my 3 year old) has suddenly gotten addicted to Wii Sports Resort, more specifically to the bowling game. He has learned that he has to aim his shot before he throws, but he isn't quite sure where to aim most of the time. He knows he wants it in the middle, but finding the middle sometimes is hard. So he will aim where the shot is going to go and then say, "right there, Daddy?" This normally happens at least 20 times during a game (unless he gets a strike and then he doesn't have to take a second shot that frame). After answering whether or not he was in the right place for the seemingly millionth time I started thinking about my life and how I should be…
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Good Friday

Devotional Thoughts, Good Friday Ideas, Spiritual Ideas
We have come once again to Good Friday and once again I am amazed and humbled by the sacrifice of God. I know me. I live with me. I am aware of my faults and shortcomings. I am aware of the things that I shouldn't do that I do and the countless things that I should do that I don't do. I think it was Stephen King who said that one thing about a writer is that you can't deceive yourself. I am fully aware of my heart, my mistakes, and where I am lacking. And God is fully aware too. And yet, in the middle of all of that knowing, in the middle of all of that lacking God still chooses me, picks me, looks at me and says, "Yes,…
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And God Was Silent

Bible Stuff, Youth Ministry Ideas
We are finally coming to the end of the old testament in our storytelling trip through the Bible. It has taken me close to 6 months to get here, but I feel like it has been worth our effort. This is the first time that any of these students have been part of lessons that put the story of the Bible in context. Tomorrow we are going to talk briefly about the prophets and then take a few moments to recap what we have learned about God from the Old Testament and what we have learned about people in general. For me the most fascinating thing is what happens after Malachi. The fact that God goes silent for 400 years is amazing to me. God has been showing up and…
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