Changing of the Guard

Our youth group is going through a huge shift right now. Our group of 30 or so graduated 11 seniors this year. This is after 8 graduated last year. So we have had a big turn over in the past couple of years. We have been adding a few 6th graders each year, but the fluctuating numbers aren’t as big of a deal as the change of demographic.

We have moved from a upperclassman dominated group to a middle school dominated group, and it feels like it has happened overnight. Granted we knew that this was coming, but now that all of the graduates have started school we are a young group. Also the gender numbers in our group have shifted dramatically with the girls being outnumbered almost 5 to 1.

That is probably what worries me the most. The age thing will fix itself over time, but the gender issue won’t. A group with an abundance of girls will attract guys, but the opposite isn’t always true.

The younger group means that we have some unique challenges, but it also creates some cool opportunities for our few upperclassmen to really get a chance to embrace leadership rolls. So while I am a little apprehensive I’m excited too.

This is one of those years that could change the shape of things for a while. If you have experience with either of these situations why not share you insights in the comments.

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