Choosing a President

Is it wrong that one of the major factors I use when determining a president is how good he/she gives a speech. Maybe that isn’t as wrong as the reason why I use that criterion. I want a good speaker because for the next 4 years I will have to listen to this president so I want to have someone who I can listen to without cringing. I like Bush, but there were times when he was speaking when he would get stuck like a 4th grader on big words. I would sit at home and resist the urge to finish the thought for him. I found myself often saying “sound it out.”

So I want a president who can speak, and right now that has to be between Obama and Huxabee or maybe Romney. Now that isn’t saying who I support, I am just judging them on how good they give a speech. The sad thing is that it is about as good of a criterion as any when you look at modern day politics.  

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