Christmas Ideas

Since Christmas is right around the corner I thought I would save you some work and go through and find the Christmas stuff. Here are 3 resources and some random thoughts that I found.


Christmas Struggle Video (blank promo video)

Christmas Worship Stations: Change Your World 

A Reading for Christmas


He could have come as a King and demanded that we serve Him. He could have come as a warrior and forced us to fear Him. He could have as a great sage and talked us into following Him. He could have come in a myriad of ways and used His awesome power to affect us in just as many ways. But God chose to come as a baby. Because He wants more that service, more than awe, more that fear, more than reverence. God wants our love. And in Christmas and the Cross He proved that there is no length to which He will not go to win our hearts.

December 17, 2006


Obedience can begin with fear, but it needs love to continue. Worship can begin with wonder, but it is love that keeps the wondrous from getting ordinary. There are times when Meredith looks at me the right way that my heart still melts. Sometimes in the way that she laughs I am caught up again at the beauty of it all. It is the love that keeps the miraculous from becoming mundane.

December 17, 2003 


For me we need to rescue Christmas not abandon it and I think we do that not with talk of small secular concepts of peace and love, but with the biblical ideals of PEACE to all men and LOVE and grace for everyone that comes from the cross.

While we are at it I think we should celebrate the resurrection too because that is where the real victory is. So I guess what I am saying is that I want to see a new type of lawn decoration. It would be a collection of scenes with a manger, a cross, and an empty tomb. Oh yeah, and I guess one of those big blow up Santa’s would be cool too.

December 14, 2003  

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