Christmas Station Worship

I just wanted to remind you of the Christmas Station Worship. I added a pdf of the station sheets to make your job easier, but if past history is any indicator then there is about a 99.9% chance there is a typo in them somewhere.

(I am still working to get the whole “Christmas Station Worship” page up and running, but here is the link for the PDF

11 thoughts on “Christmas Station Worship

  1. Dennis says:

    Just so you know, i reposted this on (I’m not sure if the trackback will work).

  2. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Thanks for the link!

    If this is going out on the web for others to see then I guess I had better proofread it to be sure there are no mistakes. So, my minions of spelling errors, download the pdf and email me with the needed changes.

  3. Dennis says:

    Looks good. I am pretty sure there weren’t any changes needed. Thanks for making this available.

  4. Daniel Haigwood says:

    I know what I am asking Santa for Christmas….
    to have the creativity of Shane!

    Thanks so much for all you do!!

  5. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Thanks for the compliments it is nice to know that there are some people out there who like this site. So many times I think I am just setting myself up to get beat up by putting my life here online, but you guys make it worth doing. Thanks again!

  6. Karen (UK) says:

    I just want to say this site is fantastic. Thank you so much Shane for your creativity. You are an inspiration. I lead a small church in the UK and have used many of your ideas. They have truly enhanced our worship. God is using you so powerfully. Thank you again.

  7. Sara Eustice-Brown says:

    I was wondering if you still have a copy of your Christmas Station Worship outline. I couldn’t find it on your site and would really love to possibly use it for an upcoming parent night at youth group in December. Thanks so much.

    Sara Eustice-Brown
    Director of Christian Education and Family Ministry
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

    1. nailscars says:

      I am sure that the original is around here somewhere, I was trying to get it fixed up a bit, but I will get the original version back on the site in the next couple of days.

    2. nailscars says:

      I have added the PDF of the student sheets. You should be able to look at them and see most of what you need to know.

  8. Eric Nobrega says:

    I was wondering if you have instructions or descriptions of the ornament.

  9. nailscars says:

    Sorry for the late response. Here is what I think the ornaments were…

    We bought a pack of replacement bulbs for the big Christmas lights, ours were clear, but colors would work too. We put paint pens and ribbon on the table and students decorated the bulbs and then tied ribbon to them to make hang on a tree.

    We did a few “demo” ornaments to set on the table so that students would know what they were needing to make.

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