Christopher Titus: Norman Rockwell is Bleeding

titus_01.jpgI think I have talked before about my love for stand-up comedy. I think anyone who talks to groups of people on a regular basis should study them. This doesn’t mean that I think everyone should be funny, but most comedians are telling stories, and weaving those stories together with other stories and at the same time trying to direct the audience somewhere. You can’t get that anywhere else today. The only other people giving speeches are politicians and those are normally such a canned pile of rhetoric that they are useless.

But Norman Rockwell is Bleeding from Christopher Titus is above and beyond. This hour reminds me of what Richard Prior used to do. He takes real life tragedy and makes you laugh about it–even things that shouldn’t be funny–and then he grabs you with an emotional moment and lightens it up with a joke again. This is almost a one man play rather than a comedy routine and it is powerful and funny all at the same time.

The link above takes you to a myspace page. I wish I could link to where you can buy the DVD, but there isn’t one. I wanted to reference it here on the site because it is such a great tool for anyone who preaches or teaches. It is well worth studying. One note, Christopher Titus is not a Christian comedian. There is some strong language in the show (although the myspace video is from Comedy Central so it is bleeped out) 

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