Church on December 25

I was running around on the net and found some people blogging about this article on Willow Creek and how they are not having church on December 25. It is funny to me to see how many people are up in arms about this. I have to admit that it seems funny to me to cancel church when we should be celebrating his birth, but I understand where they are coming from.

Also, if you read the article they are doing a whole bunch of stuff throughout the week and are also having a Christmas Eve service. So they are having a time to get together and worship God corporately and celebrate His birth. Do they have to be together on December 25th to be spiritual? If that is the case should they get together on every Christmas?

I wanted to bring this up to hear what you guys thought about the whole thing and also to talk a bit about how wrong we get things as Christians some times. I am amazed at the Christians who think that Sunday church is a sacred act. I believe coming together at church is important, but is isn’t more important than a persons individual relationship with God. Coming together on Sunday is valuable, but even more valuable are the times when people come together outside of the church and honestly fellowship and communicate with each other and God. It is good for our communities to see us setting priorities and making Sundays important in our lives, but it is even better for our communities to see us outside of the church during the week serving and loving others.

I have found that the people who fight the most about the outside signs of Christianity (church attendance, not wearing hats in church, not cussing, all those other "right living" type things) are the people who have very little Christian life on the inside. To them Christianity is all about doing all the right things and they are up in arms when people don’t do the right things.

The people who have a deep relationship with God that exists–not just in their actions but deep in their hearts–want to live good lives as well, but they understand that many of the things we fight and get frustrated over are simply traditions disguised as morality.

I guess that is the end of my soapbox for the day. Tomorrow: Why Christians are hurting the church by getting upset at Holiday Trees.

2 thoughts on “Church on December 25

  • December 7, 2005 at 2:15 PM

    Tomorrow: Why Christians are hurting the church by getting upset at Holiday Trees.

    YES! Amen! I can’t wait.;

  • December 16, 2005 at 6:45 PM

    We don’t go to church, we bring the church with us. It’s hard for people to get their head wrapped around that sometimes, especially at Christmas – a time laden with traditions.

    Great post – I really want to hear your take on ‘Holiday Trees’ too!


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