Church without Me

After a summer of 15 students we had 31 at church tonight. I really do hope it wasn’t because they knew I wasn’t going to be there. I got very technical tonight and actually recorded myself talking. How vain is that? I can’t even let them be away from me when I am not going to be there!

But what I did was set up an activity (get them in groups to create dramas), let my lovely and multi-talented wife organize the group presentation, and then come back and wrap things up with another video. From what I hear everything went well. I am so proud of my tech guys. They are so good now that I don’t even have to be there and they can keep things running.

I am so excited about having 31 students again. There is nothing like starting back to school for bringing students into church, but I am so glad they came. I am sorry that I missed it. I love students; I love seeing them and talking to them and hearing about their lives. I can’t wait to get back next week. But if we are down next week I will cry because then it really might be that they came because I wasn’t there! 

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