Church Work is Hard

There are so many things about working in churches that is amazing. In fact I can’t imagine doing anything else. Ministering to God’s people makes my eyes light up and my heart do a little dance. But that doesn’t mean that it is easy.

I think for me the hardest thing is when you have to sit at home and keep your mouth shut because you know that saying something will make you feel good and make you look right and make all of that pride that you are trying to push down just burst forth and be released for a moment, but you know that if you do that the someone would be hurt and the church of God would be hurt and not matter how good it will make you feel, knowing that you hurt God’s people and His church would hurt you even more in the long run.

So yeah, church work is hard sometimes. But let’s be honest, only sometimes. Most of the time it is the joy that wakes me up in the morning and the passion that keeps me going long after my body says it is too tired to go on anymore. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard sometimes too.

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