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I told you a few days ago about my prayer cards for my youth. Well today I came upon a card of someone who I barely know. He came one time and that one time at church is the only face to face contact I have had with him. As I was praying for him today I had this thought. The logic is a little long, so bear with me.

  • Several months ago God placed in my heart a desire to create these prayer cards
  • Over the course of the past few days He has been guiding me to pray for students, and even when to stop each day.
  • He knew that today I would be holding the card of this student.
  • He knew that I would pray for this student on this day.
  • Now what if part of God’s plan for this student was that I would pray for him today.
  • What if this student has a particularly hard problem to deal with today and God set things up so that I would be praying for him.
  • The question that you would have to ask would be, “If God set all that up why does He need me to pray?” I mean God doesn’t need my prayers in order to do stuff. He is God.

I had this little thought circle going around in my head today and here is what suddenly popped into my thinking. God set all of this up and asks me to pray not because it makes him do something, but so I can be a part of what He is doing. God invites me to be a part of his plan.

I see this with my son all the time. The other day I was painting a bench and I made sure to leave a space where Nathan could paint too. I didn’t need him to paint it, in fact his helping made things worse, but I wanted him to have a part in the process. If I, a messed up human like me, want to involve my son in what I am doing, wouldn’t it make sense that God would want to involve us. In so many ways prayer is God’s way of saying “come and be a part.” God is inviting us to join in the fight, to be a part of His plan to change the world. 

And yet so many times we treat it like it is nothing more than a list of concerns.

3 thoughts on “Come and be a Part

  • September 7, 2008 at 10:30 PM

    Shane – what an awesome thought! That’s what I like so much about you – how you think about things. Friday I got an email from the prayer chain – I am not on the prayer chain – but as I read it – I wrote a poem for a couple people who had lost loved ones – sent the poem on to them. Then found out that everyone on the prayer chain who had AOL didn’t get it – except me. So – another example of God inviting us to be part of his plan! God is great, isn’t he!

  • September 8, 2008 at 4:55 PM

    I’d been having similar thoughts about worship–why we worship. God doesn’t need our worship. He doesn’t need us to glorify him or sing praises to him. But I guess we worship to get a sense of our place. It’s of benefit to us, not necessarily to God…. though I’d like to think that God appreciates our worship. Thanks for getting the wheels turning.

  • September 8, 2008 at 7:45 PM

    Giving glory to the one who most deserves the glory is good for us in lots of ways. It does remind us of our place, but it also completes our joy in Him. If I find a restaurant that I love to eat at I want to tell everyone how great it is. My joy is increased in the praise of the place. So God commands us to do what will increase our enjoyment of Him. Pretty cool.


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