Come, Lord Jesus

A pre-Christmas post from Daily Life in a Homless Shelter. I thought it really hit on the real need for Christmas in our world.  

Can you feel it? Can you feel the aching need for the advent of Christ, feel it deep down in the soles of your feet, deep down in the heart of the warm, snug suburban night? Can you feel the longing of a world gone mad, wandering lost and alone, unable to makes sense of anything, unable to function, unable to cope, unable to redeem itself? Can you see the madness of it all? Come Lord Jesus – oh please, Lord Jesus – come. In glory and power and honour and majesty come. And Lord, if you’re coming tonight, if your coming to our little dark corner of the world tonight, bring it, Lord. Bring it on. Bring it all.

Cause we’re lost without you.

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