I am very rapidly becoming the old man who yells at technology and says that it was better “back in my day!” But I am trying to stay current. The recent addition of Twitter to my life (Click the link above to follow me) has been fun, but ultimately I am still trying to find the best way to get information out to my students.

Here is what I currently use:

1) TextMark: This service allows me to send mass text messages to my group. There are about 15 students who are on this service

2) Facebook: I have a Catalyst Students page that I update regularly. There are about 25 students and a few parents who frequent this site. Most of them overlap with the text people.

3) Twitter: There are about 8 students who follow the Catalyst twitter account.

4) When we aren’t at camp or actively posting pictures I don’t think anyone checks the website. It is still in flux, and I plan to just make a static place with information about us and the occasional big event announcement.

5) Letters: I still mail about about 1 letter a month and a quarterly newsletter. I at least know that this goes to everyone in my group, but I have no clue how much it gets read.


I am struggling between trying to efficiently disseminate information while at the same time being sure that I reach everyone. It has been a long road and I am still in the process. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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