This is from Daily Life in a Homeless Shelter today. That desire to stop trying to just fix this broken religion that we are serving and leave it all and restart with a real relationship with God burns deep in my heart. 

Yet how far are we willing to go in order to welcome others into our life, into our community, into the presence of Christ among us? The answer, of course, is ‘not much’, and I suspect that’s not because we’re inherently selfish, but because we have absolutely no idea what such a family, what such a community might look like, much less how rich and deep and meaningful – and at times how difficult – such a life might be. Our entire experience of such a life is limited to a few lines in the book of Acts, where we read that the believers lived together in one accord, and held all things in common, and we wonder what on earth that means. We’ve never seen this before, so almost two millennia later it’s the sort of thing that exists only in the heads of a few irrational, oddball dreamers out on the fringes of society, three and a half miles past normal, shamans, poets and mystics who might not be dreaming at all, but remembering…

…I’m not interested anymore in doing the same thing ‘better’. I want to go someplace altogether different. And the more I strip away everything else but being the hands and heart of Christ, right here, right now. with what I have, the more I strip away all of the externals of church and politics and… well, the more irrelevant and frivolous and deadening it all seems.

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  • October 6, 2006 at 5:05 PM

    I can’t believe no one has posted a comment about this yet. That quote stirred me up (as we say in the south) and made me want to do something about it; but what? I understand that some people who have these "wild" ideas think that the only way to change things is to start a new church or new ministry. But in truth, that’s not changing things, in fact it’s doing just the opposite of what we say we’re trying to do. It causes division, not unity. If we really want to change the church, we have to change THE CHURCH, not start a new one and make it what WE want it to be. We have to figure out what is it we can do inside the existing structure (as flawed as it may be) and make it what God has called us to make it. I’m tired of Youth Pastors being looked at as Pastors-in-waiting or youth-who-never-really-grew-up. We need youth pastors who are serious about what they are doing, serious about their calling, serious about their role as a leader in the Church!
    sorry, it’s friday and my "day job" is frustrating me, but what more frustrating is that the people in the church are just as self-serving as the people I work with in the public schools . . . thanks for letting me vent.


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