Compartmentalized Life

Most Christians tend to live a compartmentalized life. We let God into certain areas, and keep Him out of others. We are OK with giving God our spiritual time, but we want “our” time too. This object lesson is a commitment time based on this idea. It works best after a lesson on why it is important that God is not only our top priority, but all of our priorities.

Materials Needed:

  • Tupperware (or any brand) sandwich containers
  • Card stock cut into strips
  • Instructions Sheet

The Set Up:

Get enough Tupperware style sandwich containers for each participant. You can pick up the little disposables for not much money. Then cut some card stock into strips. The strips should be as wide as your containers are deep. Cut enough so that each participant can have 3 strips each.

You will probably need to set up one to show your participants what you are looking to do, but basically the instructions below tell people to use the strips to make “sections” in their boxes. Use the strips to section off the boxes like a tackle box.

Pass out the instructions, the boxes, and the strips to your participants. After some reflection time instruct students to remove their sections as an act of commitment to give God total control.

Student Sheets:

Tonight we are going to close with just some private reflection. Begin by saying a short prayer asking God to speak to you.

Look at your box. Think of the box as your life. An ideal Christian life looks like this box. There are no separate compartments. There are no sectioned off places. God is involved in every aspect of life and everything throughout the day involves God.

While this is ideal it isn’t reality for most Christians. Most Christians think about God when they are at church or in certain areas of their life, but they ignore Him during other times.

Many teenagers have a great time with God when they are at church, but they separate that from the time they are with their friends. They two sections never mix.

Spend some time praying and ask God to show you what part of your life you have kept separate from him. It may be your time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It may be your choice of entertainment, or what you do with your friends. It may be the way you treat your family, or how content you are with what you have. He may tell you several places or compartments that you have kept from him.

Then using the paper divide your box into as many compartments as God has revealed to you. If it is just 2 then make 2 compartments. If it is 3 then 3 and so on. Your partitions don’t need to be neat or exact.

Once you have created a representation of your life ask God about what your life would look like if God tore down the walls between your sections. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you tear down those walls.

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