Complete Series

These are ideas that span over multiple weeks. They include key art, creative ideas, and talk/sermon outlines. If you have any questions about them or find any mistakes please send me an email.


Gross Weird True

Gross, Weird, True is a 4-week youth group Bible study that looks at some of the strange stories and commands in the Bible. It includes instructions on how to incorporate the 60-second games from NBC’s “Minute to Win It.” Included in this download is the complete leader guide; small groups discussion questions for each session; a screen quiz about strange things in the Bible; series art; promotional material; student handouts; a 60-second countdown timer; the original Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign files; and pretty much anything I could think of having to do with this study.


Teach Like Jesus

This is a storytelling series designed more for “big church” than youth ministry. The message each week is developed around a story found on (and included in the download). The messages progress from being someone in need of restoration to becoming a child of God to realizing the power that you have in Christ and finally focusing on how we are to live lives of sacrifice for others. All of the scripture comes from Ephesians.

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