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Apparently the virus I had a few weeks ago wasn’t actually removed, just hiding. I messed up and allowed something that my ad-watch told me not to and suddenly I was inundated with one mother of all virus outbreaks. It took over my desktop, locked me out of the task manger, the desktop and pretty much every major windows system.

Once again I think I have quashed it (with a full reinstall of windows), but I don’t want to say that just yet because who knows what else can happen. Anyway, that is why my updates have been slow. I hope to speed things up soon. 

2 thoughts on “Computer Work

  1. Stuart says:

    Let me point you at a wonderful (and free) tool called sandboxie – – it allows you to run anything new in a sandbox / virtual environment.

    This gives you the benefit of locking off your PC from being affected or indeed infected by downloads, drive bys, etc. Once you’ve run the download or whatever for a while in the sandbox you can opt to move it to your actual PC. I find this one thing cuts down the number of calls I get to fix virus, etc damage no end.

  2. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Yeah, I found that last week when I was playing around trying to fix things. I wish I had known sooner. All of the rest of the people out there should check it out.

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