Cooking Shows and Church

I heard a comedian talking this morning about cooking shows. He said that these cooking shows are insane, “Today I’m going to make a ridiculously complicated dish using a bunch of ingredients you don’t have all with utensils you have never heard off all in my kitchen that is bigger than your whole house.”

I thought that was funny, but I immediately thought about how there are a whole bunch of people who would say something similar about the church. “Here are a whole bunch of rules that you have never seen anyone follow with a whole bunch of love talk about stuff that you have never felt all apparently done better by people who have never really had any problems.” Or at least that was the church of my youth, it was a church where everyone in church was already “fixed” and they wanted to stay as far away from “unfixed” people as possible and they made it darn hard for “unfixed” people to come into their circle.

I think that is a sort of picture that a number of people have of the church, at least those who are on the outside. I had a youth (a guy I know at school who has never been to church) who told me he was going to get a pentagram tattooed on his face. He then asked what we would think about him coming to church then. I said, “We wouldn’t treat you any different.” This fascinated him. “You mean you would still want me at your church?” he asked and his voice was almost incredulous.

Somewhere the church has lost its message to reach all people and has instead become a place that fights political battles and tells homosexuals they are wrong. We must recapture the love.

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