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You may get tired of hearing me talk about my own life, but I don’t know much else. I had something cool happen the other day. This month is the month of my first Lifeway lessons. Each Sunday I am sort of amazed at the thought that all across the country there are students and teachers working through a lesson that I wrote. It is humbling to think about actually. I am stunned that God would choose to use me this way.

But back to the cool thing that happened. One of the women who was a youth parent back when I was in high school (she would always go to camp with us and stuff) came up to my adopted mom and said that she was teaching youth Sunday school and saw that I had written the lesson. How cool is that. Here is this woman who had an influence in my life all of these years ago and now I am able to help her as she continues to invest her life in the teenagers of today. 

Isn’t that just cool.  

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