Counting Down the Days

I guess it is because June is taken up by camp and VBS, but July always ends up with a whole bunch of summer activities all piled into one big heap. I have been running 2 events a week for a while now. This week we are continuing that tradition as we have a shower for the local crisis pregnancy center tomorrow and then a Back Yard Bible club at the end of the week.

As always I am very ready for school to start back. I am ready for schedules to get back to normal. I am ready for the students to get away from each other for a while, they get so cranky when they spend every minute with each other like they do in the summer. There are things that I miss of course, just randomly hanging out doesn’t happen in the school year, but I am ready to kick things off again for another year.

One thought on “Counting Down the Days

  • July 26, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    I agree. Every year I look forward to school coming earlier and earlier in the summer. I love the summer and the freedom of schedule, but something in me loves the schedule of the school year. Both have their up sides and down sides. But I hear ya!


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