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I have added a new idea to the Random section called Create Your Own Psalm. Yesterday morning I preached on Psalm 145 and talked about the glory and greatness of God. I was talking about how one of the ways that we can see the greatness of God is by looking at his works. He has worked in creation (I walked through pictures of some remarkable creature), but not only did he work through creation, but He also works in the lives of people, (I did a quick tour of a couple of God’s works in the Bible). Then I said that not only does God work in creation and in the lives of people in the Bible, but God works in our own lives as well.

Then I had them complete the "Create Your Own Psalm" sheet while our pianist played softly. After they had a moment to write I read Psalm 145:4 and said that we were going to take the advice of David and proclaim God’s word among the generations. I asked the church to get into groups of 3 or 4 (more people in a group takes more time so I wanted to keep the groups small). The only rule was that they had to have at least 3 different generations in their group. Once in their group they were to share the Psalm that they had written.

The whole process went over well. People didn’t take the whole "3 different generations" thing very seriously, but looking around the room there was a good blending of the generations. It was fun to see people who don’t normally interact sharing stories, laughter, and worship together. One guy in the early service even got up and walked out too, I don’t know if that was because of what I was doing, but for some reason that made me smile too.

Actually, I know why that made me smile. You see there are some people who come to church and think that is all that they need to do. They simply need to come and sit and listen and leave. But I believe that church and worship should require something of you. You aren’t just a spectator you are a participant. We come together as a body to share our voices, our stories, or lives and that can’t be done passively. Coming to church should cost you something (and I’m not talking about the offering) it should make you uncomfortable sometimes and make you cry sometimes, and it should always make you see God and respond to him in a new way.

We sang the song "Praise to the Lord Almighty" and it has this line "Ponder anew what the Almighty can do" and it just won’t leave my head. That is the essence of corporate worship. We meet together to think again about the greatness of God.

Oh well, that was enough rambling, I have some Zombie to kill (I Got the Dead Rising demo! Sweet!) 

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